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Welcome to No Frost Gardener, the site for gardening in a frost-free climate.    Whether you’re planning a new garden, already have one that is flourishing or are an armchair gardener enjoying gardens from afar, No Frost Gardener is for you.

No Frost Gardener focuses on the challenges and rewards of gardening in a temperate, frost-free climate. Although this environment produces some of the world’s most beautiful gardens, no-frost gardeners can face some daunting challenges:  broiling sun and hot desert winds; dark foggy days; thick marine overcast; steep terrain; poor soil; and a host of other issues.

No Frost Gardener is developing a series of how-to guides that will provide tips and insights into dealing with the challenges and rewards of no-frost gardening and help you to realize the garden of your dreams.  Our guides will cover topics such as selecting the best plants for your garden's conditions and the best practices for planting and caring of your garden.  They will also illustrate the range of garden styles and designs that are possible in our no-frost climate and show you how you can recreate these looks in your own garden.   

To provide even more inspiration and ideas for no-frost gardeners, No Frost Gardener is developing a series of books to showcase some of the most beautiful gardens found throughout the no-frost region.  The first volume, Gardens of San Clemente, is currently in production.         

No Frost Gardener loves a beautiful garden and our Garden Scout is always looking for inspiring gardens and plants to include in our publications.  If your garden is located in the Southern California no-frost zone, you are welcome to nominate it for consideration.  In addition, the best photos submitted are featured in our Gardeners Gallery.    

No Frost Gardener is committed to safeguarding and improving our environment.  Gardens and plants not only provide curb appeal and a place for us to relax and unwind, but give shelter, food and homes for other creatures of nature.  Our Gardening Green section provides some simple steps and links that will help you to protect our environment and provide a safe haven for wildlife, even with the smallest space.